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9 Super Simple Ways to Expand Your Business by Effectively Communicating "Exceptional Service"

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9 Super Simple Ways to Expand Your Business by Effectively Communicating Your "Exceptional Service"...

Haydn Rowe - Managing DirectorIs your service a key factor in setting you apart from your competitors?

Does it frustrate the life out of you that while others claim to give service, you deliver ten times the service, quality and value? 

Worse still, does all your service and caring seem to stay one of the best kept secrets around?

Well, here are 9 super-simple ways to "package" your excellence ... and turn all that energy and commitment into sales.

1. Don't assume that because you know your service is great, that your prospects 'know it' ... talk about it every time you interact.

If you look at one of our business cards at Results Corporation, you'll see a lot more than a name, phone number and address. 

On the back you'll see a list explaining what we do (never assume your clients and prospects know what you do). Then you'll see that list spelt out in more detailed, benefit oriented statements, followed by a promise, "Know What Works, Do What Works ... Get Results".

And finally it has a 'call to action' - Free Newsletter, subscribe at

A simple business card becomes a great way of communicating our service, making our promise and getting some results.

You owe it to people looking for your style of business excellence to spell it out.

Earth shattering stuff? No. But it's guaranteed to play a positive role in pro-actively positioning your business.

2. Keep in touch ... more often than your competitors would.

This isn't earth-shattering stuff either. It certainly isn't the first time you've heard it. Yet in a survey of new clients, remarkably hardly any of the businesses had a policy of writing to and communicating with clients after the sale ... or structuring offers on other products and ancillary services.

Yet, wonderful opportunities present themselves. Opportunities to promote your "exceptional service" and develop ongoing profitable relationships. Opportunities to turn customers into lifelong clients and advocates.

And even more importantly, following up with other products and services often leads to a stream of new sales opportunities.

3. Do something to harness your reservoir of goodwill.

If you're as good as you think, then you'll have a lot of people impressed with your service. You already know that the "word of mouth" of your delighted clients is the most powerful form of advertising you'll ever get. 

Help them to make you super-successful by helping them talk to others about you.

Do a bit of soul searching. Ask yourself: Do you make it easy for your delighted clients to advocate you? Can you even imagine what it would mean in terms of new (and quality) business?

There may be literally hundreds of thousands of pounds in good business waiting for you if you develop a "turn-key" or "package" system for letting your clients refer you.

To find out how, request a copy of our free report - Creating a Referral System that Works.

4. Re-look at your Website and Corporate Brochure.

What do you do with websites that you visit or brochures that cross your desk? You'll look at them, but if they don't give you the information you need you'll most likely hit your browser's 'back' button or you'll toss the brochure in the bin without more than a cursory glance, right?

Most websites and brochures are a company ego trip. 

They talk about the company, not the needs of the reader or prospect. It's as if the person who produced the company brochure or website were having a love affair with the company, or its products ... and they want to tell the world about it. 

The cold truth is, no one cares about the company love affair ... only what the company can do for them.

Does your website or brochure commit that sin? Put it to the test. Question the presentation, and make sure they justify their existence ... make certain they focus on the prospect's needs, not simply on waving the flag on how great the company is.

Click here to see an excellent example of a brochure that truly communiciates.

5. Test headlines to multiply the response to your ads, letters, web pages and emails.

Almost every business would like to have more qualified prospects. Most dabble at some point with various forms of advertising, direct mail, emailing and of course their website. 

Most come away from the experience a little disillusioned at the response their efforts bring.

Re-draft your ad, letter, email or web page!

But focus the vast majority of your sweat on those few words in your headline ... then measure the impact. 

Ironically, your first re-draft efforts could actually reduce the effectiveness of your piece. You have to consistently test the experiment. The reward comes when you get the headline right and the response to your changes rewrites the record books on your profit figures.

6. Ruthlessly review your conversion-to-sales skills.

Some months back, in the course of a conversation, one of our clients remarked that he was frustrated that his sales person was not converting enough sales. Still, he rationalised, as it was around the industry "average", he would have to live with it.

But there is almost always a way to convert leads to clients. 
Ask yourself - do you truly communicate your awesome service, and the 'reasons to buy from you' in your ads, marketing, sales calls, sales meetings and sales proposals?

By the way, that last point is a big clue - most companies produce quotes that are simply a list of features and prices. You can see how you can turn your quotes into powerful sales proposals here.

It still costs you the same in your selling effort whether the person buys or not. 

And when you look at the dynamics of lifting conversions by even 15%, it could return you vastly more profit than thousands of pounds spent supplementing your ad campaign.

7. Actively seek out others who'll endorse you to their clients.
This strategy is the most powerful yet under-used means of generating profitable new business and a wealth of new clients. Your 'strategic alliance partner' has already invested their monet in acquiring and building trust with his or her clients. 

Imagine the potency of that colleague writing to his or her list with a letter that talks about you...

It talks about how valuable your service has been to them ... that of all the people they've come across in your profession, you have consistently shone in every way ... that because they are such a valued client, your partner has bought them an hour of your time.

Of course, you give the hour's consultation to your partner without cost. A wonderful opportunity for your partner to be seen doing something valuable for their clients. 

And a wonderful opportunity for you too. It brings you into contact with a new circle of prospects who'll be pre-disposed to you!  It's so simple. So sure to succeed. Yet hardly anyone in the professional or commercial world does this.

8.  Consistently seek PR

You may be amazed at how receptive the media is to your story. If you have been performing "awesome" feats for your clients, and your clients love you for it, tell your story to the business magazines and the daily press.

When your article is written up, you'll get a boost to your profile, your credibility and perhaps some new clients.

9. Commit to a "client-oriented" newsletter.

Writing an email or print newsletter (like this one) on a regular or even occasional basis demands discipline and commitment. 

Few companies ever sustain that commitment. And of those who do, most make the fatal error of focusing the content on themselves, not on the customer's needs. 

That presents you with an enormous opportunity. Believe me, a well written client-focussed newsletter sent to your clients is a wonderful and powerful tool for keeping close to them ... ensuring that they know what you're doing for them ... and letting them know you want to listen and respond to their needs.

And with excellent email newsletter broadcasting tools available today from companies such as NewZapp (which we and many of our clients use), this is much easier, more cost effective and more successful than it has ever been.

There you have it, 9 super-simple ways to expand your business by effectively communicating your "Exceptional Service".

If you would like to discuss opportunities for getting better results in your business by improving your marketing and promoting your awesome service, call us now on 01933 373000, or click here to email us with your details and we will be in touch.

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