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Improve Your Response Rates - How to Create Powerful Offers that Increase Your Sales and Your Bottom Line Profits...

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Improve Response Rates Now - a Powerful Way to Create Offers that Increase Response Rates, Conversion Rates AND are Good for your Bottom Line too...

Creating a powerful offer can increase your response and conversion rate by up to 300%.

Most businesses fail to create great offers that drive sales through the roof because they associate making an offer as "money off" or some other kind of discount.

But the best offers will rarely fall into this category. And right now, businesses that can make the best offers are more likely to do well.

Here is a way to create compelling offers that are good for your bottom line too.

The Second Interest Offer

Most offers are promising more of the same. They say, buy now and get...

  • Free Delivery
  • 10% off
  • Extra product
  • Or more service benefits

And they often fail to really inspire people to respond to your marketing. In many cases, they can even provoke a negative reaction as prospects and customers think "why don't you just take it off the price".

A proven way of getting a better response and higher conversion is to create an offer, which includes something of perceived value that is completely unrelated to the core product or service you are selling - what is known as a second interest offer.

For example...

  • Magazine publishers often entice new subscribers by offering a free luggage set, or free currency calculator when you sign up for 12 months.
  • A company selling sophisticated personal finance services to High Earning and High Net Worth clients offers 12 bottles of fine Wine free when a prospect opens a Self Invested Pension Plan with the firm.
  • A company selling engineering components to factory and production line engineers offered a free Radio Controlled Helicopter when they place orders up to a certain value in that month (and produced 14% more sales).
  • Banks create a bundle of second interest offers to get current account customers to upgrade their account such as "free" Travel Insurance, Breakdown Cover, Credit Card protection and more.
  • And today you can even find Housing Developers offering a free Car when you buy one of their apartments.

The second interest offer has a magical element to it, which almost always improves response and conversion.


Well, we can't say exactly but it is a combination of factors.

In part it's fun (you get something desirable that you wouldn't normally buy for free!), in part it gives better value (usually the offer has a higher perceived value than cost to you) and it often has a "hot potato" element to it (that is, you need to act now to benefit).

And second interest offers give you great headlines to work into your letters, ads, emails and web pages. After all, it is easy to see that Buy a New Luxury City Centre Apartment before 31st October and get a FREE Mini from BMW worth 20,000 is a more exciting headline than 10% of the price of the apartment.

Our strong advice?

If you want to add some sizzle to your marketing, to improve the perceived value of your offer and to get an edge over your competitors then test second interest offers. A good second interest offer will cost you less (than a discount), and will improve response and conversion rates generating you more sales.

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