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3 Simple Ways to Get the Words Flowing When You Are Trying to Write
STOP! Don't waste money on this ad! (Part 1)
STOP! Don't waste money on this ad! (Part 2)
8 Step "Copy Writing Success" Formula...

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Great copywriting really can make your business fly...

Why is it that the worlds best copywriters get paid thousands to write a letter, a website landing page or a sales email?

It's simple. They generate hundreds of thousands, even millions for their clients.

In this issue we bring you three great articles from one of the world's copywriting masters - our very own Chris Newton.

Jay Abraham, the world's most expensive marketing consultant, once said of Chris, "This man knows more about teaching the how-tos of advertising and marketing to small business than anyone else on the planet."

Enjoy the read...

Haydn Rowe
Managing Director

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3 Simple Ways to Get the Words Flowing When You Are Trying to Write
By Chris Newton

I make a living out of writing. Over the years, I've spent what seems a large part of my waking hours, writing ads, sales letters, direct mail packages, training programmes, websites, brochures and sales scripts.

These days, I tend not to have a challenge starting to write. But I know exactly what it's like to stare at a blank computer screen, as it stares back at you.

So just how DO you get those words flowing? Let me give you three simple ways I learned a long time ago. Read more...

STOP! Don't waste money on this ad! (Part 1)
By Chris Newton

Some time ago I took a call from John. He wanted me to briefly look over an ad he had written and I agreed. But as soon as I got the ad I quickly phoned him to say 'Hold the press!'

I could see instantly that this ad wouldn't work and would be a waste of money.

So 'WHY would I even suggest it wouldn't work?' Read more...

STOP! Don't waste money on this ad! (Part 2)
By Chris Newton

In this article, I'd like you to join me analysing John's revamped, larger ad. 

It LOOKS much more professionally produced than the first ad. It has clearly been done by a graphic designer.

But again, it is doomed to FAIL.

8 Step "Copy Writing Success" Formula...
By Haydn Rowe

This winning formula will improve the performance of your Ads, Direct Mail, Flyers, Web Pages, Brochures, Sales Letters, Yellow Pages Ads and more.

The more of these essential elements that you harness the better your chances of success. Read more...

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