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A Small Thank You In Business Goes a Long Way
3 Ways To Grow Your Business - a powerful business growth formula

Are Your Invoices Destroying Your Cashflow?
10 Rules To Keep at Your Elbow When You Write Your Next Sales Letter

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The incredible power of doing "stuff"...

Over the years I've noticed that there is one vital ingredient that separates clients who succeed (sometimes beyond their wildest dreams) and those who just drift along - despite having knowledge, skills and every opportunity.

It is simply this.  The ones who succeed do "stuff".  They get stuck in. They develop marketing initiatives, they test them and when they work they make sure that those initiatives are used consistently in their business, day in day out, month after month, year after year.

Sure, sometimes what they do fails, sometimes the results are mediocre - but when they do enough stuff they strike gold.  They discover brilliant marketing strategies that unleash a flood of quality leads, that improve conversion ratios, that get clients buying more, more often and referring more.

As a rule of thumb - for every 10 things they test about 3 work brilliantly, another 3 fail completely and the remaining 4 require futher refinement and testing before they are ruled in or out.

Reality check time. Are you doing stuff? 

Read on for more great "stuff" that you can test in your business today.

Haydn Rowe
Managing Director

A Small Thank You in Business Goes a Long Way
By Elaine Wymant

Sometimes all you need to do to re-energise current clients and win back old clients is to give a simple thank you.

On the advice of Results Corporation, web developers Polar Communications Ltd sent thank you cards and a thank you gift to a list of clients, and the response was phenomenal. Read more...

3 Ways To Grow Your Business - a Powerful Formula for Growth
By Haydn Rowe

The three ways to grow your business formula was developed more than 20 years ago by one of the original founders of The Results Corporation, Paul Dunn.

Much copied and even sometimes modified, this simple yet powerful business growth formula has withstood the test of time and is an excellent tool for quickly identifying the best, quickest, most effective ways to grow your sales revenue. Read more...

Are Your Invoices Destroying Your Cashflow?
By Chris Newton

No one would ever admit to encouraging their customers NOT to pay their bills. But it happens. All the time. Every time they send out an invoice, they're effectively saying, "You don't need to pay this".

Now, that sounds crazy. Why WOULD you encourage customers to hold on to your money? Why would you do anything to harm your cash flow and profitability in this way? Read more...

10 Rules To Keep at Your Elbow When You Write Your Next Sales Letter
From the Archives - Chris Billington Hughes

Many people will tell you only experts can write brilliant direct mail. It takes years of concentrated effort and learning ... in addition to natural flair. If you ain't got it, you just ain't got it.

Here's what we say to that! GARBAGE!

Writing powerful, effective direct mail letters is one of the simplest, most common sense things you'll ever do.

In fact, it's so logical that those "in the know" have virtually developed a formula for it - a sure-fire way to create winning pieces eventually on every project.

Here are just a few of the simple methods employed by the "gurus". Read more...

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