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Winning Quotes and Proposals - which of these companies would get your business?
Techniques for upgrading the appearance of Ads, Brochures, Leaflets and Mailers
Advertising Case Study - have you fallen for this common Advertising trap?
5 Easy Ways to significantly improve Google Pay Per Click Advertising results

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Welcome to the "new" Results Report from Results Corporation
Haydn Rowe, Managing Director
More than 20 years ago when we published our first Results Report newsletter - little did we know that it would go on to dramatically impact on the success of thousands of businesses worldwide.

Now we are taking Results Report into a new phase with the launch of this online format.

As a subscriber, you will get regular newsletters and update bulletins giving you access to high quality articles, case studies and hints and tips on how to create highly effective "Results Based" marketing.

As ever, our commitment is to bring the very best and most effective marketing, advertising, promotion and sales strategies.

Strategies that can significantly change the performance of your business for the better.

In this first issue of our new format Results Report you will discover...

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Enjoy reading.

Haydn Rowe
Managing Director

Winning Quotes and Proposals - Which of These Two Companies Would Get YOUR Business?
By Chris Newton

Chris NewtonImagine for a moment that you're from Smith Industries. You have these two quotes in front of you for a print job of 55,000 new brochures for your company. Which one do you call up and give your printing job to?

It's a critical question. While you're pondering this, ponder also what your OWN clients and prospects are thinking about YOUR company's communications. Read more...

Some Simple Techniques for Upgrading the Appearance of Ads, Brochures, Leaflets and Mailers
From the Archives - Chris Billington Hughes

Chris Billington HughesMarket testing of the factors that make an advert work consistently relegates "the graphics" to the bottom end of the scale.

Graphics aren't as critical to the response from an ad or direct mailing or promotional piece, as are the "targeting" of the market and the "offer" components.

But, it is still important to give your promotional material a professional look. Not necessarily a "slick" or "arty" look, unless that IS your desired image. Read more...

Advertising Case Study - Have You Fallen For This Common Advertising Trap?
By Elaine Wymant

Elaine Wymant
In this case study we discover how one Results Corporation client dramatically changed his advertising results by following a simple advertising success formula.

Gavin Ucko's company, The Happy Puzzle Company, sells educational toys and workshops to schools, providing children with puzzles which, help them learn through finding solutions whilst they play.

Gavin is a very motivated man. He is very passionate about what his company does and joined the Resultsupport programme to make an already successful company even more successful. 

Subsequently, Gavin has grown his business 400% in the last 5 years here we discuss one strategy he employed to achieve this success and how he got it to work. Read more...

5 Easy Ways to Significantly Improve Google Pay Per Click Advertising Results
By Haydn Rowe

Haydn RowePay Per Click advertising is a direct marketer's dream. It enables you to rapidly create traffic to your Website of searchers who are looking for information about your product or service. Over the last few years Pay Per Click advertising has changed the face of marketing and advertising in fact it is now overtaking some of the huge mainstream advertising mediums such as television and newspaper advertising.

The good news is, that you can get started for just 5.00 and can run a great campaign for as little as a few pounds per day.  Today, many businesses are generating hundreds of thousands in additional new revenue from a source which didn't exist several years ago and which is completely measurable, controllable and predictable. 

Here we give you 5 ways to quickly, easily and significantly improve the results you get from Google Pay Per Click advertising.

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