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Results Corporation Testimonials - Client Feedback and Comments

We've had the privilege of working with thousands of wonderful clients through our Business Builder Programme, Coaching Programmes, Special Projects, Workshops and at Seminars.

Here's a selection of comments and feedback from some of those people...


We've had a flood of enquiries... 

"We've only been running the campaign for 9 weeks. We've had a flood of enquires, and already one of those has turned into an order worth £14,400... all with a budget of less than £300 a month."

Ian Leigh - Banaglaze

Continues to deliver results even today...

"We've worked with Results Corporation for a number of years now. We've taken their proven approach to marketing and built it into everything we do - from our website and AdWords marketing to our sales letters, brochures and customer nurturing systems - and it continues to deliver results even today. It's great to work with a marketing company that's focused on measurable results rather than just glossy ads and "getting our name out there"."

Tommy Rose, Barnet Window Company

An immediate increase in sales leads and new clients...

"Since launching our new website 8 weeks ago we've seen an immediate increase in sales leads, which have lead to 5 new clients, 3 of which have real potential for developing into long term clients. The whole process was very professional, well managed and very focused on creating a website that met the needs of our clients and our business. We feel confident that the new website will take our already very successful business to the next level."

Mark Hunt, Hunters Solutions

We are so busy with the work generated...

"The website that you built for us is doing an amazing job. I am so busy with the work that it generates I barely have time to think about updating the site. We are getting leads from all over the country."

Sue Radcliffe, John Radcliffe & Sons Ltd

We Generated More New Business Leads for a 10th of the Cost...

"Our main source of new business leads used to be telesales.  We were paying £100 a day for someone to cold-call prospects and set up appointments, and generating 1-2 leads every couple of months.  Working with Peter at Results Corporation, we created a free guide to Corporate Catering Tenders and advertised it using Google AdWords.  In 6 weeks we've had half a dozen enquiries resulting in 2 solid leads, for a spend of just £310.92!"

Nick Parker, Bite Catering

£1000 of marketing generated over £20,000 revenue...

"Owning a hotel on an island in the Hebrides can have its challenges! Working together with Results Corporation we formed a strategic alliance with our local ferry service, and then created a Special Offer to our database using a mixture of online marketing and direct mail, offering to pay guests' ferry fares for bookings in our off-peak winter season. With costs of under £1000, the offer has so far generated over £20,000 revenue at what is usually a very quiet time of year. We're also seeing significantly higher volumes of traffic and bookings via our website."

Richard Nealon, The Western Isles Hotel

Couldn't have done it without you...

"In the 18 months we have been working together, we have seen the number and quality of our enquiries grow which has resulted in improved conversion rates and sales. For example, since we started our marketing plan we have seen an increase in bathroom installations of 35% (and rising), which is despite the market shrinking by about 50% over the same period, and we are now well in excess of pre recession levels.

Many consultants simply tell you what to do and let you get on with it. Your hands on and pro-active approach was very refreshing, especially as we had no marketing resource and work had to be shared out between several colleagues. But you kept us on a task whilst appreciating we had many other commitments (there was a recession well under way by this time of course), and now looking back, it is amazing what we have achieved – updated web site increasingly generating traffic, client nurturing strategies in place, improved sales techniques, mailing and information campaigns, a renewed approach to advertising, and much more. It has not cost us a fortune and our return on investment (which we can now measure) is well in excess of satisfactory, and we will of course continue to get the benefits of this investment for many years to come.

All this has all helped create momentum and a new vigor within the business to generate enquiries and increase sales. We are now very well placed to achieve both our short and long term growth objectives despite the worst economic climate for a generation."

Tony Passmore, Managing Director - B&K Passmore


Incredible service... 

"Just a quick note to say you guys are doing a great job, which ultimately means Simon Tailby is doing a great job, he always calls me when we agree and is prompt with return calls, emails and getting back to me with promised information / reports and tasked work.

I know I am a demanding client (probably more than most) and want to know the ins and outs of everything and quite often test Simon’s patience but he is always a true professional and tackles this with, skill, reasoning, honesty and integrity.

Thank you for your support."

Simon Stokes, Managing Director - Assured Fire & Security

A process that enabled me to create my USP...

“I have been working for years with one of the most powerful and yet tough to pull off concepts that Jay Abraham promotes - the development of a strong Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Results Corporation’s Haydn Rowe recently presented a process that enabled me to not only create my USP, but to test it against criteria that makes it both powerful and lasting"

Michael Basch, Co-founder - Federal Express

A seminar not to be missed...

"I've been to many business-improvement seminars over the years, and I can thoroughly recommend Results Corporation's seminar over some I have been to that have cost over £1,000! Chris was a great presenter and gave me several really good ideas on how to boost our business through referrals, repeat business, generating leads, etc. I got back from the seminar and have immediately put three of his ideas into practice at no cost to the business (except maybe 5 minutes of my time!)."

Philip Chantry, Joint Managing Director - Hilite Limited

Results Corporation has been invaluable...

"As a company with no ‘in house’ marketing professionals the advice and guidance provided by Results Corporation has been invaluable. It is precise, appropriate and most importantly practical and cost effective for us to implement and maintain. The response from prospective clients to the mail shots and telephone calls we have made since Results Corporation’s appointment have been very positive and measurably better than those we were receiving before. I unreservedly recommend Results Corporation to any capable company who is presently failing to communicate with its market or distinguish itself".

Bob Deakin, Managing Director - EXHIBITBUILD Ltd

Record number of enquiries created by the website...

"The new website,, brings all the brands together and provides for significant cross-selling opportunities. The call centre at the Group head office in Esher is receiving record numbers of enquiries from customers as a result of the awareness created by the website."

Myhome International plc

A new way to communicate with prospective clients...

“The workshops are by far the most practical and commonsense training programme that I have attended. I am already getting results in my business (Chartered Accountants) by passing on techniques to some of my own clients. In addition the information gleaned on the course gives me a new way to communicate with prospective clients by telling them what they want to hear. The most common feedback that I am getting is "why hasn't my accountant told me that?"

Andrew Taylor - Kemp Taylor Chartered Accountants

A significant increase in sales...

"Having identified systems and strategies learnt from Results during the last 2 years, I have seen a significant increase in sales during the last 12 months coupled with improved margin on my product of 12%"

Steve Tickner - OEM Group

I have discovered the potential of my company...

“Many of the things I’ve learned I would not have considered before. I am now more confident about our future as I now believe we have an edge over our competition. Our sales have significantly improved and we now understand the value of a good customer”

David Lawrence - Lawrence Cleaning Services

Held everyone spellbound...

"This year I invited Chris Billington-Hughes of the Results Corporation. Chris could have gone on for hours and held our attention. His knowledge of the science of marketing, and I mean real marketing with targeted lead conversion and well written advertisements, held everyone spellbound. I have seen him do this before with Lloyds TSB Business Banking"

Bob Lefroy, Editor in Chief - Business Money Magazine

Many more new large sales...

"Results Corporation has fundamentally changed the way we look at our business, the way we treat our customers, prospects and even our old customers. We now operate in a totally different way and are seeing many more new large sales from clients that before we would have missed or lost to competitors. This has had a significant and positive on our business and has given us a lot of confidence in the future."

Steve Collis, Partner, Ashby Computer Services

A Brand New Venture...

"The systems I've put in place with the help of Results Corporation mean that I've been able to take a step back from the day-to-day running of my business - so much so that I can now invest my time in a brand new venture: a high quality farm shop business that I've been dreaming of starting for years!"

Kevin Crighton, Owner, HEC-Enroute

We secured £334,000 worth of contracts...

"The Business Builder team worked with us to create an informative, compelling, benefit-focused website; and partnered it with a carefully targeted Pay-Per-Click online marketing campaign. As a result, over the last 6 months we have secured contracts worth in excess of £334,000 directly through website-generated enquiries, for an investment of just £2,500 in our online marketing and our Results Corporation membership combined!". 

A Client in the Security Industry

Turnover has increased 4 fold...

"I'll admit that I was cynical at first - the claims about ways I could double my turnover ... it seemed too good to be true - but it works - make no mistake! In the 4 years that we have been working with Results, our turnover has increased 4 fold"

Gavin Ucko – The Happy Puzzle Company

A Big, Big Thank You!...

"Chris, a big, big thank you for yet another super presentation. You certainly lead the way."

Richard Kerrison, Business Club Norwich

We brought in over £10,000 thanks to just one simple thing...

"We started using Results Corporation to assist with our own marketing strategies and literature a few months ago and over this time we have seen instant results from the work they have done. To mention one, they recommended we do a referral offer to our clients and within a couple of weeks this brought in over £10K worth of business without making any sales calls!! Chris and his team would be a useful team to any business large and small. If you have never spoken to Chris or Results Corporation on how they can help you grow your sales, I suggest you do.
Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity."

Paul Price, Inside Business

Big business advice at a fraction of the cost...

“The services and products offered by Results Corporation puts many of the resources of big businesses at the fingertips of business owners and managers… but at a fraction of the cost”. 

Russell Merridew, Managing Director - Ultimate Art Ltd

Fresh perspective...

"I find it very good having my marketing material looked at by people not associated with our industry. It gives a different perspective as to how our customers view our company advertising"

Ian Leigh - Banaglaze

A fundamental rethink of our position in the market and how we do business...

“Absolutely delighted we found you ... the programme is very inspirational. Our commitment statement has proved very effective and the Yellow Pages have worked.  The whole programme has helped us fundamentally rethink our position in the market and how we do business”

Sue Morris - Minuteman Press

Two price rises and a sales increase of 25%...

"Working with Results Corporation, in the last two years The White Swan has twice increased room rates, boosted occupancy by 15 per cent and increased turnover by 25 per cent, all within the marketing budget"

Victor Buchanan - The White Swan Hotel & Restaurant

We are now re-evaluating all our sales processes...

“I wish to thank you for your presentation at the seminar which was held on the 6th November. It was attended by my colleague and myself.  We both left feeling motivated, inspired and enlightened.  We already have some of your recommendations in place and we are now re-evaluating all our sales processes using your guidelines.  The free Opportunity Diagnostic was particularly useful because it was individually tailored to this company’s needs.  Thank you"

Susan El Menshawy - First Choice Supply

Excellent presentation...

“Excellent Presentation – much of which I can use when discussing planning with customers”

Graham Taylor - Lloyds TSB

Source of ideas...

“The newsletters provide a source of ideas and tips that often raise constructive debate, with notified actions throughout the company.”

Ian McLaven, Director - MEM Recruitment

Increased Growth...

“The techniques in Marketing MASTER-e have helped us to develop our advertising and increase business in our retail outlets.  The new advert created is very different in style to that which we normally produce however, the results have proved the techniques work.  We’ve received a noticeable increase in trade with the new advertisement compared to results achieved during the same time with the old style advert.  As such Marketing MASTER-e is proving to be a very useful tool for developing our marketing efforts”

Paul Robinson, Managing Director - Direct Specs Ltd

You are our safety net...

"As you know it was our intention to take a completely new direction in our hotel business and after 26 years trading as a 2 star hotel with 2 red rosette restaurant we wanted to move to bed & breakfast only.  It seemed like financial suicide, but our lengthy discussions and your marketing insight gave us confidence to go ahead and so far so good. There is a very long way to go but we feel you are our safety net."

Gillian Lane - The Fisherbeck Hotel

Yellow Pages will develop into a very strong new business generator...

"By the time we had any sort of time to look at our new Yellow Pages ad it was very close to publication date so we had no time to experiment and analyse. So it really was a question of jumping in and praying. It was a bit of a gamble in October 2002 because, for the first time, we took out a half page ad. We ditched any ideas of gimmicks and colours and simply concentrated on the message and produced an old fashioned black only ad. This went against the grain of the other advertisers who were just beginning to experiment with full colour, and raised a few eyebrows amongst Yellow Pages staff too I gather.

One full year has now passed since our new advert came out and in the 12 months from 1st of November 2002 to 31st October 2003 our Yellow Pages ad brought in a total of £22,858.30 ex. VAT for an expenditure of £2,685.00. So it has paid for itself many times over and left a bit in the pot for re-investment too. The wonderful thing is that so many of our customers come back to order again and again and again which means that with new customers coming in all the time Yellow Pages will develop into a very strong new business generator"

Alec Sharples, Managing Director - Fine Line Print and Stationery Ltd

Success in an area we’ve never been able to crack, until now...

“Using Marketing MASTER-e we were able to formulate our sales letters.  When we launched the new style sales letter we got immediate response from the major insurance companies we targeted in just three working days. That’s something that surprised and delighted us as before we used Marketing MASTER-e we had never been able to achieve this kind of response from our direct mail campaigns”

Angela Clark - Pointglow Services

Learning a lot...

"As a non-marketing person, I'm really learning a lot from the workshops. Many thanks for making them so enjoyable" 

Elaine Anderton - Computer Park

Hands-on project support helps create overwhelming response...

“Results Corporation has shown us a completely different way of looking at where we’re going with the business… and it’s not just “mind games” and theory, but “hands-on” project support. The strategies implemented have been so successful that our resources have been flat out dealing with the overwhelming response, and once we’ve re-deployed our marketing resources, our business will be making great strides forward”.

David Wragg, Managing Director, Primsec Education Ltd

Tools to make my life easier...

“Marketing MASTER-e gives me more of the tools I need in my marketing bag to make my life easier.  The graphics are superb, the video clips are excellent, the systems are good and the whole CD ROM is easy to follow”

Barry Watson - Thales Universite Ltd

 "A grand awakening!  I thought we were working well.  But you can show us how to do so much better!"

David Ward - The Red Lion, Claverdon, Warwickshire

Useful comments helps develop corporate brochure...

“We found the Marketing MASTER-e CD ROM and specifically the comments following the assessment by the Accredited Coach very useful.  We have put several of the points raised into practice to develop our corporate brochure”

Sheila Pattison - Active Pursuits Limited

A new way of quoting...

“Since attending your workshops I’ve secured two additional contracts worth £8,000 initially ... and I’ve been told by both companies that I won the contracts due to the way in which my proposals were presented ... just as Results Corporation taught me!”

Jacky Briggs - IBEX HR Services

Membership sales have increased by 27%...

“We have been on the Resultsupport programme for a little over 6 months and it has had a major impact on our approach to sales and marketing.  Our monthly membership sales have increased by 27.3% and our income from other sources has increased by 18.8% … Our whole team is involved in generating and developing sales ideas and strategies, which will ensure we continue to grow faster that we anticipated, we have found that the sheer enthusiasm and excitement of the Results team has injected fresh excitement onto our business and overall, the Resultsupport programme is making a real difference, and will continue to do so  - a great investment.”

Brian Soanes, Chief Executive - The Business Club

Having a coach to bounce ideas of is real value...

“I'm really glad I spent the time today with my ‘Coach’.  Even though I am extremely busy at the moment the session kept me focused on my growth plans whilst allowing for the difficulty of running a busy business on limited resources.   Because I run a small business I really value having someone to bounce ideas off of.  The session was "electrifying" and re-emphasised the value of having a "Coach" to keep me on track.”

Colin Brett, Managing Director - Bretts Printing Services

I would have been happy to have had between 20 and 40, we've had 400...

"From the adverts we've placed in The Times Educational Supplement we've so far had our money back 16 times over. When we first decided on the strategy I would have been happy to have had between 20 and 40 schools contact us ... to date we've had 400 ... the greatest number of schools we've dealt with in any one term was previously 10 ... it's now 42. We've just taken the ideas, concepts and strategies that you've taught us and applied them to our own situation and the results are now speaking for themselves"

Gavin Ukco - The Happy Puzzle Company

Mailshot response increase from 1% to 18%...

"By using just one idea I picked up at a Results Corporation seminar I increased the response to my mail shot from 1% to 18% ...  a fantastic improvement!"

Martin Hall - Premier Toastmaster Services

We expect to see amazing changes...

“I couldn’t believe how easy the strategies were to implement in my business.  I have been using them already and it has only been 48 hours since the seminar!  I found all the material very easy to pass on to my colleagues.  I have already written thank you letters which is something  I never would have never have thought of doing before.  We are completely re-thinking the design and layout of our literature and have altered our mailshot already using the ideas Results gave us.  We have always had a fear of putting our prices up which we haven’t done in years but listening to Results Corporation we are now putting our prices up in January. We never realised how much potential lies in our old customers and we will be getting back to them as soon as possible. The magic story has made a massive impression on us and it is something we are currently working on in the business and it is helping us with our flyers.  Also we are currently re-evaluating our discounts after being educated on the impact discounts make to a business. We expect to see amazing changes in the business from all the  practical and useable ideas from the seminar some of which we are already seeing in the business.  I couldn’t believe how much hit home from the seminar.  Our way of thinking has completely changed along with the business, thank you so much.”

Susan El Manshawy, Owner - First Choice Supply

Results Corporation, very professional...

“When dealing with Results Corporation I have always found them very professional and helpful.  Their Business Growth products and services are great to improve business performance”.                         

Ashok Bhattacharya, Proprietor - AKB Ashley & Co (Accountants)

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