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Want to Grow Your Business, But Don't Have the Time, Skill or Inclination to Create Great Marketing?

Pro Marketer could be the Answer!

If you’re looking for faster growth in your business - more customers, more sales, bigger profits – then there’s only one way to make it happen…

Great marketing.

You need powerful lead generation (sales letters, emails, Pay Per Click campaigns, website landing pages, ads, flyers and more…), and you need watertight systems in place to nurture and convert your prospects, and keep your clients loyal to you and spending more money, more often.

But when are you going to sit down and write it all?  Results Corporation’s Pro Marketer Programme means you don’t have to. 

It’s like having your very own marketing expert on staff – but without the hefty salary.

An expert who will create all of your marketing collateral, from sales letters and emails to flyers, ads, promotions, key web pages, quotes and proposals, client nurturing systems and more.

Here’s how it works:

When you join Pro Marketer, you’ll sit down with your own dedicated Marketing Adviser and work through your business objectives, analysing which marketing strategies have the greatest potential to deliver you more sales and bigger profits.

Together, you’ll map out your Marketing Machine: a visual map of how you’ll generate leads, convert enquiries into sales, and nurture your clients to increase their lifetime value - and you’ll agree specific objectives so that each strategy can be thoroughly tested.

As you work through the Machine, your Marketing Advisor (a skilled and experienced copywriter) will write compelling, professional marketing pieces for you to implement.

Based on the response to each piece, we’ll build you a bulletproof marketing system.  One that will enable you to grow your business and increase your profits.

And it’s not just written marketing that’s on the table.

“Marketing” in its wider sense covers anything and everything that goes between you and your prospects and customers.  So we’ll help you improve and enhance every aspect – making sure the people who come into contact with your business have an exceptional experience.

Plus, you’ll get top-notch advice on implementation and measurement, to ensure that your marketing has the best chance of success.

You can read more about what you get on the Pro Marketer Programme here.

Why Choose Pro Marketer?

Pro Marketer combines the best of both marketing worlds: 

1. Proven marketing expertise that enables us to identify the best marketing and growth opportunities for your business (no “one-size-fits-all” solutions).

2. Professional sales copy, ready to be added to your website, printed on your stationary, incorporated into your networking approach or designed into your brochures, ads and flyers.

You’ll also be able to call on Results Corporation to create ad hoc copy for marketing opportunities that arise throughout your membership.  And we’ll help you decide which opportunities are best suited to your business.

If you want to systematically grow your business and increase your profits, but you don’t have the time, skill or inclination to create the kind of marketing it takes, Pro Marketer is for you.

If you know you have an audience, but you don’t know how to make them sit up and take notice, Pro Marketer is for you.

If you’re advertising or marketing right now, and you’re not getting a healthy return on your investment but you're not sure what to do to put things right, Pro Marketer is for you.

Join Pro Marketer Now!

Pro Marketer isn't for everybody.  To get the maximum return on your investment, you must be prepared to:

  • Open your mind to new ways of marketing your business
  • Base decisions on scientific results, not “gut feel” or instinct
  • See marketing as an investment in your future success, not just a cost
  • Religiously implement and measure the strategies we create
  • Put every aspect of your business to the test.

To take advantage of Pro Marketer for £825 + VAT per month, call Results Corporation today on 01536 747 310 or contact us here for an initial obligation free conversation.

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