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Marketing Help Programme

The Marketing Help Programme is ideal for pre-start or start up businesses with limited resources who need to get their marketing onto the right track.

For an joining fee of just 325 plus VAT and then only 99 plus VAT per month for 12 months (and then reverting to monthly with 1 months notice in advance to cancel), the Marketing Help Programme helps you get your marketing off to a flying start and includes these hugely valuable elements...

1. Recommendations Action Plan Session - during a 2 hour telephone conference call (or session at our offices) one of our highly skilled Marketing Advisors will create a Marketing Action Plan for you to follow.

First they will work with you to identify and discuss your best marketing opportunities. These are then prioritised and broken down into individual actions and tasks in your Action Plan.

Following the session, the Action Plan is supplied to you in a simple to follow spreadsheet and will include links to relevant Marketing Help Online resources (see below) to enable you to implement each recommendation. 

2. Marketing Help Online Subscription - this is our online resource of "how to" marketing resources - articles, training videos, examples, e-Books, templates, case studies.

You will use this as you work on each element of your Action Plan. The material you find with Marketing Help Online will give you the ability to create better marketing, faster and to avoid the common mistakes that cripple so many small businesses.

Marketing Help Online encapsulates 30 years of leading edge small business marketing know how.

3. Marketing Mentor Newsletters - in addition to you working through your prioritised Action Plan to develop the marketing required to make your business work, you will also get a monthly Marketing Mentor course email - a structured month-by-month marketing education.

What you learn throughout the year will change your thinking on how to create great marketing - and give you the knowledge to develop and grow your business, in fact any business that you ever own.

4. Four 175 Review Vouchers - each of these will enable you to have our team review key elements of your work by phone and email. This could be a Letter, Packaged Information report, a key Web Page, Email or perhaps your Proposal format.

When you want to use a voucher, you can enlist our help to brainstorm content, to conduct an initial review of your work and a second final review before you initiate each test.

5. Two Telephone Review Sessions - these are conducted with you at 3 months and then again at 7 to 9 months.

This is where we review your progress against the Action Plan, review your results and help you make decisions based on those results, which are then reflected in an updated Action Plan.

By working with us in this way you will rapidly get focussed on creating and running the best and most effective marketing to win new clients, maximise your revenue from each client and to build your business.

When you take full advantage of the resources available through the Marketing Help Programme and apply yourself to applying, testing and refining what you learn, you will be well on your way to developing a marketing machine that could drive your business far into the future.

For pre-start, or start up business with limited resources, this low cost programme gives you access to powerful marketing resources, information and help that has been responsible for creating millions in extra revenue for small business owners all over the UK.

To join today, or for more information please call us now on 01536 747 310, contact us by email or through the contact page on this website.

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