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Haydn Rowe
Hello ,

Google AdWords is one of the biggest changes in marketing since the invention of the printing press.

The Internet and websites came along in the mid 1990's, the .com boom came and went at the end of the last century, but it wasn't until Google arrived and then developed their Pay Per Click advertising model that the Internet really took off.

It has been responsible for a massive shift in how businesses market themselves, has humbled old style "search" marketing giants such as Yellow Pages and leaves social media for dead in terms of business generated.

Google AdWords is a proven business winner in the new marketing landscape of the 21st century.

Do you know that Results Corporation is a Google AdWords Certified Partner?

In recent years we have developed and managed Google AdWords campaigns for clients that have been responsible for over 2 million new visits to their websites by people searching for the products and services that they sell.

These range from small businesses spending just 10 or 20 per day, through to larger businesses investing many thousands per month in this highly effective form of marketing.

Whether you are just thinking about getting started and testing Google AdWords, have a long standing Google AdWords account that needs to be updated and refreshed or if you have a large account that's need a makeover and new ideas - then we would love to hear from you.

We'll review what you have in place or have in mind, and then discuss how we can help you get great results from Google AdWords.

Whatever your size or industry we can work with you - whether your budget is small or large we will be able to help you squeeze every last drop of potential from Google AdWords for your business.

Our Approach is Different

As a subscriber to Results Report, you'll know by now that our approach to marketing is different. It's about results, testing, measuring, innovating and creating compelling marketing that moves prospects to take action.

Which means that when we work on your Google AdWords account we bring years of marketing expertise and skill to the table, in addition to our Google AdWords skills.

This means that we look beyond the narrow focus of the Google AdWords account itself to help you get significantly better results.

We look at your website, the structure, the content, the wording. We think about your strategy - what do you have or should you have that will help to create really compelling Google Ads that attract a higher percentage of visitors who CONVERT into leads, enquiries and valuable database contacts.

With our skills, experience and knowledge, we can help you propel your business from having no online advertising presence, or a poor online presence to one that drives targeted traffic to your website, within days, possibly even hours.

And more targeted traffic means more enquiries and more sales.

It's Fast, Cost Effective & Measurable

Quite simply, Google AdWords is a fast and cost effective way to advertise what you do. Your adverts appear on Google's results pages when people search for the products or services you offer.

It costs you nothing to have your adverts appear and you only pay when someone clicks your advert and visits your website.

This means that you're not wasting money on those that aren't your target audience and it also means that the results are very measurable, as you can see exactly what's happening.

What's more, because you have complete control over your budget, you can cap how much you spend on a daily basis.

Get Started Today!

If you want to get started with testing Google AdWords, you could take the best part of 100 hours and thousands of pounds and try it yourself, or you can let us take care of it all for you and save yourself months of hard work and wasted money.

Every day, we help businesses like yours, succeed with Google Adwords.

From creating completely new accounts and testing simple campaigns, to reviewing and improving larger, existing accounts in order to maximise results.

That's because we know what it takes it get AdWords working, and when we get it working for our clients, they see an increase in enquiries, newsletter sign-ups, guide requests and ultimately, sales and profits too.

And, we can help you get started with AdWords, without it costing the earth.

For from just 325 plus VAT per month, we'll get you set-up, create targeted campaigns, AdGroups and adverts that can help your business get some 'quick wins'.

So, if you want some help with your online marketing, and if you want to generate leads, build your database and to grow your business without it taking too much of your time, simply reply 'yes' to this email, or send us a more detailed message, and we'll be in touch.

Alternatively, if you'd like to talk to us some more about your business and what AdWords could do for you, please call us on 01933 373000 and we'll be happy to help.

Best regards,

Haydn Rowe
Results Corporation

P.S. Already run Google AdWords? Let us take a look at your account and we'll let you know how we can help you make a real difference to the results you're getting.

Testimonials from Google AdWords clients...

"We've only been running the campaign for 9 weeks. We've had a flood of enquires, and already one of those has turned into an order worth 14,400... all with a budget of less than 300 a month."
Ian Leigh - Banaglaze

"Our main source of new business leads used to be telesales. We were paying 100 a day for someone to cold-call prospects and set up appointments, and generating 1-2 leads every couple of months. We created a free guide to Corporate Catering Tenders and advertised it using Google AdWords. In 6 weeks we've had half a dozen enquiries resulting in 2 solid leads, for a spend of just 310.92!"
Nick Parker, Bite Catering

"Just a quick note to say you guys are doing a great job, which ultimately means Simon Tailby is doing a great job, he always calls me when we agree and is prompt with return calls, emails and getting back to me with promised information / reports and tasked work. I know I am a demanding client (probably more than most) and want to know the ins and outs of everything and quite often test Simon's patience but he is always a true professional and tackles this with, skill, reasoning, honesty and integrity. Thank you for your support."
Simon Stokes, Managing Director - Assured Fire & Security

We secured 334,000 worth of contracts...
"The Business Builder team worked with us to create an informative, compelling, benefit-focused website; and partnered it with a carefully targeted Pay-Per-Click online marketing campaign. As a result, over the last 6 months we have secured contracts worth in excess of 334,000 directly through website-generated enquiries, for an investment of just 2,500 in our online marketing and our Results Corporation membership combined!".
A Client in the Security Industry

"We've worked with Results Corporation for a number of years now. We've taken their proven approach to marketing and built it into everything we do - from our website and AdWords marketing to our sales letters, brochures and customer nurturing systems - and it continues to deliver results even today. It's great to work with a marketing company that's focused on measurable results rather than just glossy ads and "getting our name out there."
Tommy Rose, Barnet Window Company


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