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How to Ethically Up-sell to Additional Projects and Higher Value

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How to Ethically Up-Sell to Additional Projects and Higher Value...

Haydn RoweWhat do we mean by 'up selling'?  

Well, think back to the last time you purchased a new car.  

Chances are you signed the deal for the basic car.  THEN ... you were offered extras - tinted glass, paint protection, a panoramic glass roof, special floor mats...

Very simply, you've been engaged in an up selling process.  

But this raises the question: Is that practice pushy? Unethical?

Well, yes ... if what you're being offered is something that you DON'T need, or that won't add to the functionality and enjoyment of your purchase.

The reverse side of that coin is, if you buy the vehicle and you're NOT offered things that would add to the functionality and enjoyment, hasn't the 'salesperson' failed you?

You should at least have the option offered to you, shouldn't you?

Now holding that thought, think about your own business.  

How can you ethically up sell?

Well, it's all about taking a 'solutions provider' approach, NOT an order taker approach.

Let me give you a real life example.  As I was writing this article, there was a team of workmen in my back yard installing a new glass pool fence around our pool area.

Not surprisingly, we'd had SEVERAL pool fence builders come in to give us their 'quote'.

But when THIS business owner came to look at pricing the new fence, he did something really interesting.  

He commented, 'Tell me, from the lay of your land, I'd say when it rains heavily, you probably get water overflowing into your pool and muddying it up.

Does that happen?

Well, my wife and I both agreed that YES, that does happen and it's REALLY frustrating to have to clean out the pool again.  

Then he said something fascinating:  'Can I suggest that while we're putting in the new fence, we also put drains in here and here so that you'll never have that problem again?'

Can you imagine our response?  Sure!  That'd be great!  We were delighted.

But he hadn't finished yet!  

Next he said, 'While we're at it, why don't we build up the soil in those gardens surrounding the pool with some nutrient rich organic soil?  

I can also arrange some new plants for you that will make the whole pool area look like a million dollars!  How about I price that up for you too?'

Again, our response was, 'Sure!'.

Now you won't be surprised to learn that his price for this now much bigger project was about triple the OTHER guy's quote.

The first fellow was just selling ... a fence.  

In contrast, the man who got the job was a professional SOLUTIONS PROVIDER. He had identified things WE hadn't thought of.  

He established the need with us, and educated us to the benefits of these extra components.  

And we couldn't have been happier to pay for this much expanded project!

You see, as long as you're looking after the interests of the prospect and you see a better solution, at the very least, offering those up-selling options is the ONLY ethical approach.     

Article by Chris Newton, founder of Results Corporation.
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