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How often should you email your clients and prospects - 10, 20, 30, 50, 100 times a year?
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How often can you email your clients and prospects without killing your list?Haydn Rowe - Managing Director
Would you email your clients 50 times a year?
Most business people and marketers recoil in horror at the thought!
'That's spamming' they cry!
'I'd completely ruin the relationship we have with our clients!'
Well, maybe you would.
But honestly, how do you know?
How do you know that your first reaction is not completely, hopelessly and utterly wrong?
And you need to know, because if you are wrong, it could cost you a fortune.
So what is "right" for your business and your clients?
First of all, let's acknowledge that most businesses still don't 'get' email broadcast marketing at all.
Fewer than 1 in 10 of the new clients that we take on have any idea of the power, effectiveness and ease of using this amazing marketing technology.
Over the last 7 or 8 years there have been two major revolutions in marketing - Google is one (Google AdWords and SEO for Google), the other is Email Broadcast marketing.
Both are 100% measurable and trackable, both are fast acting and done correctly both will give you a proven return on investment.
(By the way I haven't listed social media as a revolution because to date it is a proven SOCIAL communications revolution, but†NOT YET†a proven marketing revolution - Facebook advertising is a spin off from Google AdWords).
Google gets all the headlines, but Email Broadcasting can make you a lot more money, for less cost.
We've discussed Email Broadcasting before, the reasons why you MUST get this into your business (it makes money) and the reasons why you MUST NOT use your Outlook email system for email broadcasting (you run the risk of being black listed by Internet Service Providers for one).
But would you email your clients 50 times a year?
Well maybe not 50, but how many is the optimum?
Here are†some basic rules of thumb.
The first is that the absolute minimum number of contacts you should have with clients and prospects is at least 5 per year based on the 90 day contact rule.
But that's the minimum and†it's highly unlikely to maximise your opportunities for conversion, repeat business, cross selling, referrals and maximising lifetime value.
Typically with email broadcasting you should be communicating at least 12 to 20 times per year to start to develop a†good relationship†that†will†lead to increases in response and revenue.
You may think that†even 12 to†20 emails a year†sounds like a lot, but this is where the other rule of thumb comes in.
Send†when you have something good to say and share.
If the email†is relevant, compelling, interesting, useful and adds value, and you have†two good messages to put out this week - then send two emails.
If you don't have anything good to say for the next two weeks - then don't send any emails.
And here is another rule of thumb - get the balance right.
Don't send all sales emails (unless you are primarily a product sales business such as Screwfix or Argos) - strike a balance between great information (Articles, How To, Expert Commentary†and Case Studies) and sales emails.
Think of it like a television channel - if you show all Ads people will soon turn off, if you play no Ads you will have to turn off as you make no money.
But if you have something good to say every week - should you send an email every week? EmailThat sounds like an awful lot, but I've been shadowing some great online marketers for the last few years, and here are some examples of how often they are sending emails (and making a lot of money in the process)... - backed by leading Internet entrepreneurs including Brent Hoberman founder of MyDeco and, Made have sent me 63 emails since March 2011.
Hotel Chocolat - have sent me 35 emails in 18 months (at least) I just got another one today.
Micro Scooters emailMicro Scooters - have sent me 36 emails in the last 12 months, 7 in December†alone!
Perry Marshall - the world's foremost authority on Google AdWords who freely admits that he makes most of his revenue from his email broadcasting has sent 593 emails to me since†June 2006.
The bottom line is that these examples are all†direct†response†marketers - they only do what works.
And Email Broadcasting (done right) works incredibly well.
Getting started with Email Broadcasting
If you want to understand how you can get started, what is involved, what the costs are and to get things moving - call us now on 01933 373000.
We have†helped clients with email broadcasting for years and can provide you with a super powerful and easy to use Email Broadcast System starting from £45 per month for a start up pack, with a typical monthly cost†of around £70 for most small businesses.
We can give you advice, help and support, we can even do it all for you if that's what you want.
To find out more call us now on 01933 373000 or email with your name, phone number and company name to
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