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The Amazing Ad that's not an Ad...
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The Amazing Ad that's not an Ad...Haydn Rowe - Managing Director
When is the last time that someone showed you an Ad that they carried everywhere with them for someone else's product?
Furthermore, an Ad that they carried under their hat (literally).
Well, it's never happened to me before either.
Until two weeks ago that is, when I met a Canadian who was wearing a fairly ordinary but distinctive hat.
As it was a cold day, I commented about his need to wear a hat, at which, he whipped it off, proceeded to fold back the brim and showed me the label.
I was instantly transfixed with what I read!
Here is a photo that I snapped of that label... 

Wow! That's not a label, it's a walking Ad.
Even better, it turned the proud owner into a walking AND talking Advertisement for the hat.
Let's dissect this a bit...
The Finest in all the World.
What a bold claim. I'm not sure you could get that past the Advertising Standards Agency in the UK (you would have to be able to prove your claim), however it does set the tone doesn't it?
These people have MASSIVE belief in their product.
Insured Against Loss, Guaranteed for Life!
Guaranteed, insured? Hang on, this is just a cloth hat!
Well actually, it's a very expensive cloth hat - $70 to be precise (a quick check on EBay shows that I can buy a perfectly fine looking cloth hat for £20) - so it had better be good.
Well they go on to explain just how good it is...
It Floats, Ties On, Repels Rain, Blocks UV Rays, Won't Shrink, and Comes With a Four Page Owners Manual, Made of Nylon (With Touch of Spandex) and British Hardware.
They even use an amazing word to describe their attention to detail - PERSNICKETINESS.
PER-SNICK-ET-I-NESS - that's it, it works when you say it real s-l-o-w (just like a Canadian)!
What Tilley are cleverly doing here is creating masses of extra value.
You see, when you are buying a Tilley Hat it's not just a cloth hat, it's... 
A Fine Cloth Hat (Finest in the World), plus a Guarantee, plus it's Insured, plus British Hardware, plus an Awesome Reputation, plus a Great Story, plus Word of Mouth, and plus of course Canadian Persnicketiness!
And when you add all that together, you get a hat that happily sells for $70 plus.
The beautiful thing about this label (which I'll call an Ad - because that's what it is) is that it so crisply communicates massive value and emphasises the uniqueness of this seemingly humble cloth hat.
And I am willing to guess it generates massive profit margins as well.
Of course, I could order the £20 version from EBay, but...
No guarantee. No British hardware. No awesome reputation. No amazing word of mouth. No Canadian Persnicketiness!
Now when I see the real Ad (here's one from a recent edition of Coast magazine) - I'm much more likely to read and respond, and to buy. 
But hang on, which one is the real Ad?
My best guess is that the label has generated a load of sales for them.
It turned the happy customer who I met into an enthusiastic and EFFECTIVE salesman for their hat.
So while some people may call it a label, if it's OK with you I'll stick to calling it an Ad!
Over to you now.
What is there about your products or services that you need to shout about?
What tiny details (such as British Hardware) do you need to highlight?
And what about your labels? Could they become great Ads for your business?
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