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Magic Moments - what are they and do they really work?

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Magic Moments - what are they and do they really work?

Do you want to know how to really connect with clients and prospects?

How to build a strong bond that makes it harder for the competition to get to them, secures the relationship and wins you more referral and repeat business?

The answer is to add some fun, add smiles, add a bit of crazy and some 'Magic Moments' into your client relationships.

What are Magic Moments?

Magic Moments are those (often) small, fun, unexpected and 'out of the blue' things that you do for clients.

It could be as simple as sending them a small bag of chocolate Easter Eggs with their order at Easter time, a Christmas Card, or their car windscreen cleaned by your Hotel on the day of their departure.

Last week one of our team placed an order for office stationery. When the order arrived it came with a packet of choclate chip cookies in the box.

It's not hard to see which stationery supplier will get our next order!

No Substitute for Good Service

While Magic Moments are no substitute for a good core service, good service alone doesn't 'light people up'.

After all, good service is what clients expect.

For a Few Pence You Can Reap Rich Rewards

For a few pence invested in clients after you have delivered your core service, you can see benefits which are completely out of all proportion to the cost of providing the Magic Moment.

Especially when you compare the cost of the Chocolates, the Card or the Clean with the cost of delivering your core service.

And sometimes, it is only by going the extra mile and
 doing the unexpected that you get people really excited about you and your business, and see benefits such as...

  • Positive word of mouth
  • Good reviews
  • More repeat business
  • Higher lifetime value
  • The opportunity to upsell
  • Testimonial letters and emails
  • More referrals

The Problem with Magic Moments...

The problem we find with implementing Magic Moments is not that business owners don't see the sense of it, nor that they don't want to do it - it's coming up with good ideas.

Well, that is a problem I think we can solve together.

Send Us Your Suggestions and Ideas...

If you email us your suggestions and ideas we will compile them into a Magic Moments ideas 'Cheat Sheet', which we'll make available for free to all Results Report subscribers.

So here are a few examples for starters, but we'd really like your suggestions too...

  • Icecreams - on a long-haul flight the flight attendants hand out Magnum icecreams after the meal - unexpected, fun and memorable
  • Car Valet - a client running an event for prospective clients arranged for their cars to be valeted for free during the presentation - after the event they where handed the keys to their now gleaming car, and spent the next few days telling colleagues
  • Brown Envelope Money - this is perhaps not quite what you might be thinking! A car dealer client would have his salespeople visit customers a few days after they had collected their new car with the difference between what the dealer got for the part exchanged car and what they had paid the customer. For an often small amount, they got more positive word of mouth and resulting business from those customers than they would have from thousands spent on advertising
  • Easter Chocolates - a client in the electronic components industry enclosed a small packet of Easter Eggs with each order despatched leading up to Easter, and generated many positive emails and calls from customers, in a "transaction" based and quite cut throat business
  • Birthday Cards - a professional firm sends clients a Birthday Card every year, and continues to get positive feedback and response.

You get the picture.

Small noticeable things that make a BIG difference to your relationship with clients, and subsequent levels of business.

Now it's over to you - we'd love to hear your suggestions for our Magic Moments cheat sheet.

They may be things that you do in your business, they may be examples of Magic Moments that you have benefited from, or that you have heard of.

Once we have them, we'll create the Cheat Sheet and send you a link to the download.

Please send your suggestions to

We're looking forward to reading and publishing your suggestions and ideas.

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