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Archive Classics Number 7 - Why NOT Doing Quotes Wins You More Business...

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Why NOT Doing Quotes Wins You More Business...

This email is the seventh and last in the 'Classics from the Archive' series.

It explains how to position your proposals so that you aren't always competing on price.

Why Not Doing "Quotes" Wins You MORE business...

When you give a prospect a QUOTE, you are inviting them to "shop around".

A vastly better approach is to have a winning mindset, and assume that they are not going to go elsewhere, because you ARE delivering the best value package.

Then give them a 'Proposal', 'Action Plan' or 'Work Schedule' (avoid using the word Quote) full of benefits (to them), reinforcing throughout why you are the best solution for them.

Now, this does NOT mean you should be nave and think that just because you believe you'll get the business, you will. 

No, what I'm saying here is that you need to get out of the 'quote mentality' of price/item, and do everything you can to build a case around WHY the prospect should deal with you.

And that means knowing as much as possible about what they want out of the transaction. 

The more you probe to find out what THEY want, the more they'll be psychologically involved in helping you get the solution.

Importantly too, when you submit your proposal, you should put your price UP FRONT so that the prospect doesn't spend the rest of the document wondering "what's all this going to cost?". 

Rather, they'll see it spelt out proudly up front, which means the rest of your plan can build more and more VALUE into that price.

Visit our Results Academy to see the original full length article about creating compelling proposals which includes before and after examples.
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