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Archive Classics Number 4 - Use this technique to close more sales...

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Archive Classics Number 4 - Use this technique to close more salesHaydn Rowe - managing director of Results Corporation...

I hope you've been finding value in the 'Classics from the Archive' series. This is the fourth of seven of our 'Classics from the Archive'.

The ideas in these emails have literally transformed businesses time and time again.

But like everything, it's about putting them into practice.

The fourth instalment below gives you practical advice to make significant changes today in the way you sell.

It is simply dynamite for absolutely any business...

Want to 'close' more sales? Try 'opening' with more questions.

Here's a simple experiment for you to try when you're in a one-on-one sales situation.  Take conscious note of how much you're TELLING - and how much you're ASKING.

Asking questions about your prospect, their situation, their needs, and what they're looking for is unquestionably THE most powerful approach to truly consultative selling.

The temptation is always there however, to go into TELL MODE.

The key is to be like an investigative doctor asking about the symptoms of a patient to diagnose the problem before prescribing the treatment.

In the case of the doctor, doing it any other way would be professional malpractice.  Not asking questions in selling is malpractice too.

The great thing about asking prospects questions, and carefully listening to their answers, is that you can then 'prescribe' the solution in their language, exactly for their needs.

A magic phrase is...

"Based on what you've told me, 'X' would be the most appropriate service/product for you.  For example, remember you mentioned that you're looking for..."

Simple.  Powerful.  Yet so few sales people do it well.

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