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Results Corporation Accredited Coach Programme - An Expert Who Works With You To Grow Your Business...

When you work with a "business coach" in your organisation ... there are some things we know you'll demand that are just "not negotiable". We respect that. We have worked hard and long to develop the people AND the systems to ensure we "deliver" for you:

1. In a Results Corporation COACH, you ARE going to get a genuinely HIGH CALIBRE PROFESSIONAL

A coach must have an incredibly sharp mind and an extraordinary ability to understand the inner workings of a host of different business types. And the empathy to listen.

And Results Corporation coaches MUST have the "grey hair" life experience. They must have been in business, managed people, been involved in cash flows and financials, dealt with sales teams, been through the traumas of hiring and firing ... they're optimistic and big picture in their thinking, but realistic and down to earth too.

Like you, they've been there. They've had successes under their belt, and made some mistakes too along the way! They acknowledge that YOU have expertise in your area, and that they can bring THEIR expertise to the table for you too, to lighten your load and multiply your outcomes. THAT is the sort of "seasoned" professional you want working with you, isn't it?

2. A trained FACILITATOR

You want someone who KNOWS their stuff. To receive accreditation, your coach has gone through an intensive selection process and participates in ongoing training programs, to be right up to date with our philosophies and applications. The REAL power of working with a Results Corporation Coach is that they don't come into your organisation and just tell you what you should be doing, and throw theory at you. Just the opposite!

Their training and skill is to facilitate the implementation of the systems and tools in your organisation! To help YOU to take true control of your business, while being your "coach", your sounding board, someone to critique and validate what you're doing, and to be your "conscience", so you do what you set out to do. As we've discovered, THOSE things mean pure gold to any busy executive.

3. You're not "locked in" to a contract

When you work a coach, you aren't locked into an irrevocable long term arrangement. You can end the arrangement at the completion of the fourth month if you so choose.

Indeed, your coach will insist that BOTH of you are happy with the arrangement ... and that if you're not excited about the contribution they're making, or they don't believe they can genuinely contribute to you, you simply stop at the end of any month after month three by giving one months notice ... and not pay another penny in coaching support after that. THAT is about as fair as we can get, don't you agree?

4. Everything you share with your coach is kept confidential

That perhaps goes without saying. But let's again, put it on the table. EVERYTHING you share with your coach about your business will be held in strictest confidence. And where there is any hint of a conflict of interest with another client, the coach will table that with you.

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I have discovered the potential of my company...
"Many of the things I've learned I would not have considered before. I am now more confident about our future as I now believe we have an edge over our competition. Our sales have improved and we now understand the value of a good customer"
David Lawrence - Lawrence Cleaning Services

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