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How the Business Builder Programme Works

Results Corporation's Business Builder Programme gives you a plan of action, clear direction, practical support, a sounding board and expert help to enable you to tap-in to the vast reservoir of revenue and profit opportunities in your business.
Your membership of the Business Builder Programme will enable you to create the marketing campaigns, letters, adverts, telemarketing, proposals, brochures, websites and promotions that will generate the sales revenue and profits you require to achieve your business objectives.
Plus, you'll be able to access Results Corporation's Team as and when you need them, to get expert, practical support for any idea, advert, marketing strategy, promotion or customer communications projects you are developing to grow your business.

This expert guidance and support will force you to challenge what you do – and will get you focused on doing the things that significantly improve your results.

As a Business Builder Programme member, you will receive:

1. An Initial Action Plan Session

During your Action Plan session (which can take place either at our offices or over the telephone) we put your business under the microscope. We discover what you do, your objectives and your issues, we map out your current marketing and sales activities, processes and review current results.

From that we identify the best marketing opportunities for you to achieve your objectives in your business. We’ll look at how you generate more leads and enquiries, convert more customers, ways to increase the lifetime value of the people who do business with you, and strategies to keep your customers and clients loyal to you for longer.

We then create a tailored Action Plan which is prioritised to balance 'quick wins' with creating the key marketing strategies, systems and practices that will ultimately create a Marketing Machine that you can use for years to come. Each specific action will be prioritised and a timetable of events drawn up to help keep you on track over the coming months.

2. Your Own Marketing Machine Blueprint

Following your Action Plan session, your Marketing Advisor will also draw up your Marketing Machine Blueprint. 

This will help you to visualise what your marketing systems and processes that go to create your Marketing Machine will ‘look like’ once the process is complete (this typically takes between 12 and 24 months depending how quickly you work), and help you both to see the ‘big picture’ that you’re working towards.

Your Advisor will work with you to ensure that the Marketing Machine Blueprint is kept up to date and check regularly that the priorities remain in line with your business objectives.

3. Unlimited Access to Your Dedicated Marketing Advisor

We then work with you, month by month to implement the plan.  Our job is to guide, prod and push you through the plan.

Your Marketing Advisor will become your 'sounding board' – someone you can bounce ideas off, discuss strategies and new opportunities with, and someone who will give you world-class marketing advice and guidance.  Their experience and expertise is the most valuable element of your Business Builder Programme.  

You can contact your Marketing Advisor at any time (during business hours), by telephone or email, to…

  • Ask any marketing question, get advice and solutions to problems
  • Discuss new marketing ideas
  • Get feedback and advice on your marketing materials
  • 'Sanity check' your thinking
  • Get a second opinion on advertising and marketing offers
  • Interpret your marketing results 
  • “Sound off” when there’s no one else you can talk to
  • Get moral support when it all seems too much!

By working closely with your Marketing Advisor you will learn not only which types of marketing are likely to work best for your business; but also which ones are likely to be nothing more than a costly drain on your resources – so you can cut out wasted expense and focus on winners. 

Whether it’s ‘conventional’ marketing like adverts, sales letters and press releases; 'modern' marketing like email broadcasting, social media, websites and online advertising, or even 'soft skills' such as telephone techniques, customer service, client and prospect nurturing, your Marketing Advisor will help you find the most effective ways to harness their potential.

4. Hands On Help

Joining the Business Builder Programme is not about having someone to do your marketing for you; if fact we are quite clear that we don’t do it for you. With the help of your Marketing Advisor, you’ll develop the skills you need to become a successful marketer in your own right for as long as you are in business.

However, having said that we don’t do it for you, when it comes to a critical website landing page, sales letter or email - or setting up and developing a Google AdWords account and campaigns – we don’t just give you the information and leave you to it.

To help you along, your Marketing Advisor may set up and manage your Google AdWords account, and with a critical web page, or email (for example) they may step in and write compelling and professional copy that will give you the best chance of success.

Your Marketing Advisor will then help you to use these pieces as 'templates' in the preparation of your own marketing collateral.

5. Access to Marketing Help Online (worth £479.88 per year)

This is our members only online library of 'how to' marketing resources - articles, training videos, worked examples, e-Books, templates, case studies and more.

You will use this as you work on each element of your Action Plan and the material you find within Marketing Help Online will give you the ability to create better marketing, faster and to avoid the most common mistakes.

This resource encapsulates more than 30 years of leading edge SME marketing know how.

6. Over 8 Hours of Live Marketing Seminar Recordings

Hear Results Corporation founder Chris Newton take his clients through an educational and compelling showcase of practical, real-world marketing strategies.  You’ll hear how the strategies were employed by real businesses … and the results they achieved.

This seminar is guaranteed to give you marketing inspiration!

7. Access to a Special Projects Team for Enhanced Support

From time to time, particularly as your business grows, you may find that your resources are stretched to the limit, and that you need additional help with your marketing.

Our Special Projects team can deliver professional marketing services including…

Website Design & Development
Graphic Design
Additional Copywriting (for example for a website)
Search Engine Marketing

As a Business Builder member, you can take advantage of these services at extremely competitive rates.

N.B. You are under no obligation to take additional services from us – should you need support over and above the Business Builder Programme your Marketing Advisor will discuss all the options with you and help you find the best way forward.

To talk to us about how the Business Builder Programme can help you and your business, call us today on 01536 747 310, or contact us here.

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