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Results Academy - Free Instant Access to Proven Marketing Techniques and Strategies

Welcome to the Results Academy - our "free access" online resource for creating high performance marketing.

This information gives you access to the results of millions of pounds of marketing and advertising tests - for free.

What you learn here at the Results Academy will help you avoid making many costly mistakes, and will help you fine tune your marketing and business to maximum efficiency.

The valuable information in this section of our website gives you the knowledge, tools and "how to" to create marketing strategies and campaigns that are based on marketing techniques fine tuned from over a decade of development and testing with thousands of businesses all over the UK. Follow the navigation on the left of this page for marketing articles on... 

These techniques are proven to work time and time again in business-to-business and business-to-consumer businesses of all sizes and industry types. From some of the UK's largest FTSE100 companies to the smallest startup.

A word of warning

A word of warning - results based marketing IS harder to implement.  It takes more thought, more skill and more "upfront" effort than the traditional "get your name out there" image and brand marketing promoted by marketing and advertising agencies and consultants.

However, the payoff for putting in the effort is huge

Once you have crafted and devised a succesful results based marketing strategy - it will continue to work profitably for you and your business for years to come and will be a catalyst for significant business growth, with minimal tweaks, changes and effort.

Where traditional marketing creates a costly habit of dependency on the "marketing industry" for ever more "new" ideas and expensive collatoral (brochures, flyers, advertisements etc) - the results based marketing techniques and strategies that you will discover here at the Results Academy will create ongoing multiple revenue streams for your business, that truly last the test of time.

In fact, you and your staff will be bored with them long before they stop producing a profitable and ongoing stream of new clients, sales and profits. But your bank balance will flourish.

What is the catch?

Why are we giving away for free information that we in the past have (and many still do today) charged hundreds of pounds to get access to?  

There is no catch. We are not even asking for your email address or contact details to get access to this valuable resource.

We have discovered that the more we are willing to share this information in forums like this and through the seminars we present to business people on behalf of organisations such as Lloyds TSB Business Banking, the Institute Of Directors, Business Link and  Barclays Business Banking  the better we do.

We believe that once you understand how really effective marketing can work for you and your business and that once you "get" the common sense nature of results based marketing - then when the time is right you, like hundreds of other clients all over the UK, will investigate for yourself the value of getting expert practical support and help to implement these techniques through our Business Builder programme, Coaching programme or Special Projects team.

We work with hundreds of businesses of all types and sizes all over the UK - day in, day out, helping them to fine tune the performance of their marketing.

Please contact us if you have any questions at all.  We look forward to hearing from you and to hearing of your success with these free ideas.

And remember to sign up for our regular Newsletter, Results Report, which gives you case studies, ideas, examples and hints and tips - for free.

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