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Why It's Worth Being Persistent With Your Customers...

Why just 8% of Salespeople win 60% of the orders

Dr Michael LeBouef in his book How to Win Customers and Keep Them for Life offers an eye-opener regarding people's buying behaviour that will shock many sales people and sales managers too.

He reveals statistics that show 60% of people say no four times before they say 'yes' to an order when dealing with a sales representative. In other words, it takes five contacts.

However, on the other side of that coin, of those salespeople asking for an order:

44% give up after one 'no'
22% give up after two 'no's'
14% give up after three 'no's'
12% give up after four 'no's'

Which means the 8% of sales people who don't give up after four no responses are getting 60% of the sales. Very sobering indeed.

And when you consider that face-to-face is the most efficient form of selling, you can appreciate that selling by 'remote control' 'off the page' or via the Internet, is a great deal harder again.

In fact, evidence from our clients shows that eight steps or more are often required when combining off the page mediums such as direct mail and email with telephone and face to face.

And more recently, some of the worlds best 'online only' marketers are reporting great results from 20 - 50 step sales processes!

So no matter what your sales process, be prepared to develop and systemise multi-step strategies. Or be prepared to have someone else take the sales you should have earned.

Can you communicate with your customers TOO often?

Most people would give a resounding yes to that. To be honest, we too are very protective of the frequency of mailings we do to our clients.

It's interesting to note that one of America's most successful stationary mail order companies used to mail its customers 50 times a year. The guiding rule must be... only mail someone when you genuinely believe you're offering something they'll appreciate receiving.

It's relevance that matters more than frequency.

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