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5 Easy Ways to Significantly Improve Google Pay Per Click Advertising Results

By Haydn Rowe

Pay Per Click advertising is a direct marketer's dream. It enables you to rapidly create traffic to your Website of searchers who are looking for information about your product or service. Over the last few years Pay Per Click advertising has changed the face of marketing and advertising Ė in fact it is now overtaking some of the huge mainstream advertising mediums such as television and newspaper advertising.

The good news is, that you can get started for just £5.00 and can run a great campaign for as little as a few pounds per day. Today, many businesses are generating hundreds of thousands in additional new revenue from a source which didnít exist several years ago and which is completely measurable, controllable and predictable.

Here we give you 5 ways to quickly, easily and significantly improve the results you get from Google AdWords Pay Per Click advertising.

1. Split Run Test Your Google Ads

While it is easy (and normal) to test the click through rate you achieve for different keywords and key phrases, what many people don't know and therefore don't test is the click through rate for different ads. Within Google, you can actually set two ads for your campaign and Google will run them alternately every time your Keywords trigger an Ad impression in response to a user's keyword search.

This is the perfect split run test as you will quickly see which Ad is attracting the highest click through rate. Once you have established which Ad is working best, that becomes your "control" and then you test other variations of your Ad until you find an even better performing Ad which then becomes your control - and so on.

Not only will this mean that over time you get more response, because your click through rate will be improving your cost per click should fall, significantly reducing your costs and improving your lead flow.

2. Capitalise Your Ad Copy

As you begin to split run test your Google Ads you will notice that often seemingly minor changes can make a significant difference to the click through rate. One good example of this is the use of capitalisation of words within your Ad.

You can increase click through rates by capitalising the words in your headline (for example Free marketing ideas would become Free Marketing Ideas), by capitalising each word in the body copy of your Ad and by capitalising any keywords you may be using in the URL's on each Ad, as in this example...

Free Marketing Ideas
Proven Marketing Ideas from Top UK
Experts for Small Business

Just like split run testing with your offline marketing you need to remember to make one change at a time so you know which change worked and which didn't.

3. State Your Benefit First

Buyers do not buy features - they buy benefits. This "truth" about great selling and marketing holds true online as well. You can see in the example above that the benefit "Proven Marketing Ideas" is on the first line of the Ad while the feature "Top UK Experts" is on the first and second line.

Stating your benefit before the feature can have a significant impact on click through rates. This is another element of each Ad that you can test with split run testing.

4. Keywords In Your Headline

An effective headline on your Direct Mail, Yellow Pages Ad, Sales Letter and Brochures is proven to increase response by up to 20 times. The words you choose for your headline when running Google AdWords campaigns are also critical to maximising response.

Your headline needs to work for two audiences - first the search engine itself as headline content has a bearing on how relevant your Ad is to a search and then to the person searching who will glance at your headline as they determine which search results interest them enough to click through.

The worst headlines include the company name. Some of the most effective include the keywords that you are targeting. Just adding your "key" keywords to the headline can dramatically improve results. Once again, careful split run testing will show which headline works best for each given set of keywords and key phrases that you are targeting.

5. An Easy Way To Lower Your "Cost Per Click"

Another step in setting up Google AdWords campaigns which many people neglect is to add quotes and brackets to each keyword or key phrase. Google enable you to list your keywords in three ways.

keyword = broad match
[keyword] = exact match
"keyword" = phrase match

As you pay less when you have a more relevant Ad, you will find that by putting quotes and brackets around each keyword and key phrase, your Ads may be displayed in a higher position and you could reduce your cost per click by between 10% and 30%.

For example, in a campaign we are running we are paying 25p per click for Marketing Ideas whereas we are paying just 17p per click for "Marketing Ideas" - just over 30% less on the same keywords for perhaps more relevant traffic. If you don't do this, you are just handing money to Google and you could be making an otherwise viable campaign uneconomical.

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