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These new marketing techniques are transforming the fortunes of businesses right now...

By Haydn Rowe

A few months ago Google reported that their revenue was up by 18% for the final quarter of 2008 compared with the same period for 2007.

No recession at Google then.

But what has this got to do with your business?

The Google results reflect the behaviour of buyers, or to be more precise searchers who will become buyers.

And advertisers are simply following the buyers, hence more money is flowing into Google's coffers and less into Newspapers, Magazines, TV and other old media.

That's one reason why ITV have just announced 600 job cuts in response to falling advertising revenue.

In the last 6 months alone dozens of our clients have begun to take online marketing seriously (as a result of our urging). Integrating Paid Search, or Pay Per Click advertising, and in particular Google AdWords into their marketing strategies.

And they are generating a stream of new business leads and winning profitable new business every week and month as a result.

Amazed business owners and managers who thought Google AdWords and online marketing would never work in their business...

Here's a snapshot of businesses who are now winning new clients from an entirely new source, for just "pocket money" advertising costs. All because that have started to take Pay Per Click advertsing seriously...

  • A Civil & Structural Engineering Firm
  • A Plumbing and Building Business
  • An Optometrist
  • A National Accountancy Firm
  • A Textile Manufacturer
  • An Audio Visual Equipment Company
  • A Training Business

We've even got some clients who are spending £10,000 and more per month on Google AdWords, and have done for the last 2 or 3 years - because it generates them millions of pounds worth of business.

Whatever your business size, my message to you today is clear...

If you are not taking Google AdWords seriously, and have not at least set up a series of test campaigns to see how much traffic you can attract to your website, and how much of that you can convert into new business - then you are running the risk of the world passing your business by.

Buyers are turning to their browser and Google as their first port of call in ever increasing numbers - if you are not visible, then you're not in the market.

Many online retailers and 'online only' businesses are doing absolutely fine despite the recession. Many of their 'offline' counterparts who are struggling, are blaming it all on the recession.

In reality, the recession is just amplifying the fact that business is moving from offline and online anyway.

What about you and your business?

Are you taking online marketing seriously, or is one of more of your competitors going to scoop up that opportunity for new business?

You owe it to yourself to at least test Google AdWords. You can get started for just a few pounds a day.

Can you afford not to?

Six Simple Steps...

Here are 6 steps you can, and should, take to test how much new business you could be winning right now - even if you are in a business where you are not sure if you can win with Paid Search advertising.

1. Google AdWords - Set up a Google AdWords account for £5.00 and start testing.

2. Google Analytics - Install and use Google Analytics (Google's free website statistics reporting package)to understand how your website and online marketing is working - see which keywords visitors use, how much traffic you have to your site, which pages visitors like, how visitors are moving through your site and set conversion goals to track conversion to leads.

3. Google Conversion Tracking - Add Google Conversion Tracking codes to your website so you can track which visitors convert into leads - and which keywords and ads are most successful for you.

4. Website Landing Pages - Put your website under the microscope to see how effective it is at converting visitors to leads. Test different headlines, offers (free newsletter, special reports), copy and calls to action.

5. Email Broadcasting - Start emailing your prospects and clients on a regular basis to educate, build top of mind awareness, inspire, inform and get them coming to you for appointments. A word of warning, please do not start emailing your clients using your normal outlook email system - you must use a professional (ideally UK based) email broadcast company such as NewZapp.

6. Autoresponder Emails - Set up and test an autoresponder service such as AWeber where you can write and cue a timed series of emails to go to prospects who enquire and subscribe online. This is a great way to put your prospect nurturing and conversion strategies on autopilot.

Of these, the first two alone could have you rapidly on the path to growing sales and higher profits.

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