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Facebook Advertising - The Next Big Thing?

By Haydn Rowe

Quite a few people seemed surprised when I described my caution about Social Media (Results Report 59 - Let's Get Social Media Into Perspective).

That just goes to show how hot the topic is.

But my main point remains - despite some very interesting case studies and some signs of promise, don't charge off spending time and money on an as yet largely unproven marketing strategy.

Its time will come, maybe quickly, but right now most of the people making money from Social Media are the ones selling information on how to use Social Media!

You will get far better results right now spending your time and money on developing and refining your Pay-Per-Click, Website and Email Broadcasting strategy - proven winners.

However, there is one aspect of Social Media that is working right now for some businesses, and may just be the next big thing...

Facebook Pay Per Click Advertising

For the right products and services (generally consumer oriented) Facebook PPC is creating leads at significantly less than the equivalent on Google, and it enables you to reach a whole new audience if you are maxing out on Google AdWords.

In addition, it may enable your PPC to return to profitability if in your niche Google costs have become too high to enable you to make profit.

Google Costs are Soaring

A few weeks ago the BBC reported that "Google's latest quarterly results have beaten market expectations after it posted a 32% rise in profits.

The internet giant made a net profit of $2.17bn (1.4bn) in the three months to 30 September, up from $1.6bn for the same period a year earlier."

"Google said 16% more computer users clicked on advertisements on its website during the past three months than they did a year earlier, and that it was charging companies more to list their adverts."

Facebook Advertising - The Next Big Thing?

According to AdWords guru, Perry Marshall "After 2 years of Social Media Hype, and most people just spinning their wheels and wasting time, Facebook Pay Per Click is right at the tipping point of explosive, profitable growth for everyone - **right now.**".

And our tests with Facebook over the course of this year confirm that. For the right product or service (usually consumer related), Facebook Advertising today is like Google AdWords was five or more years ago.

If you're looking for cheaper traffic, and new markets, then Facebook Advertising could be your answer.

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