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How to find customers who want to buy from you...

When it comes to getting more customers who want to buy from you - here is a time-proven approach that almost any business can take.

This will set you apart, and allow you to win when your competitors are struggling and complaining about "tough times".

1. Tell Your Magic Story

In the last Results Report, we made the point as compellingly as we could that most businesses simply don't tell their 'magic story'. 

Their prospects don't know what they do, or in many cases, even care. Not because they don't want to buy. But because they've not been given reasons to buy.

I'm going to assume now that you've articulated your 'magic story', and that you're ready to go out into the marketplace to excite new prospects with what you do.

2. Target the Right Prospects

Targeting is the most important factor in your marketing. And perhaps one of the most poorly understood factors. 

What do we mean by 'targeting'? Here's a simple example. You could have the world's best mower at the world's best price. But if you direct your offer to someone in a high rise apartment building, your marketing message is irrelevant. Wasted. 

I've lost count of the number of times I've been asked if we'd prepare an advertisement, (usually in a rush), because the client had contracted for an ad in some obscure magazine. Or worse, got it 'cheap' by contracting with some ad rep to buy six ads, when clearly the targeting is all wrong in that medium.

3. An Offer So Compelling Only an Imbecile Could Resist

Another home truth. Your marketing has to give a reason to act. It must have an offer. And in the words of the late, great (and controversial) copywriter Gary Halbert, an offer that is so compelling, 'only an imbecile could resist it'. We may laugh at the old 'set of steak knives' ploy, but it works. Your 'steak knives' offer, whatever it may be, will lift your response too if you get it right.

4. The Right First Step

Be clear on what your 'first sale' is. So many marketing pieces try to 'sell the purchase'. It's a bit like putting a 'Husband/Wife Wanted' ad in the media, and expecting to get takers. Chances are the first 'transaction' with your life partner was not to walk down the aisle together. Typically it's a low key "getting-to-know-you" exercise. 

In the same light, your first 'sale' in selling your product or service is to get your prospect to pick up the phone, to walk into your business, or to submit an information request via your website. Don't underestimate the challenge in getting someone to 'put their hand up' and to give away their anonymity! 

OK, enough home truths. Where and how to you find your target market? Big subject. Enough for several books.

5. A Proven Strategy

But let's look at one proven strategy ... using 'Packaged Information'.

Your prospects probably don't know what you know about your product or service. What's more, they don't even know that they don't know.

What a brilliant opportunity to create an offer, (Packaged Information) to get them to willingly put their hand up to identify themselves. 

Packaged Information offers take several forms - Buyers Guides, Information DVD's (not promotional DVD's), White Papers, Special Reports, Buyers Checklists and more. Literally, any "Package" of valuable information.

In our case, we offer a free report called '10 Low Cost and No Cost Strategies for Recession Proofing your Business'. 

This has been a sensational tool for generating 'first sales' because it's truly win-win. 

We get a constant flow of requests every week. These people are profiling themselves as potential clients. After all, they wouldn't be seeking this white paper if they weren't in business and if they didn't perceive they had a need. 

It's a low threshold transaction of course. We offer the information free and without obligation. But they have 'put their hand up', and it gives us a great opportunity to educate them to our solutions, what our philosophies are, and via some of our case studies, how we've solved problems for others. 

At the very least, they have given us permission to continue communicating with them, and to continue educating them. It works for them. It works for us.

6. Making Your Offer Compelling

One more point on this. Whatever your offer, you need to dimensionalise it.

There's no power in saying you have a 'Free DVD'. But when you describe the fact that your DVD gives 5 ways to save money and time, 3 of the most powerful secrets in your industry, and a step by step process to unlock something or other, now you have an offer! 

We really do sometimes get so close to our own knowledge that we tend to undervalue it. By dimensionalising it through the eyes of the prospect, you will have a path beaten to your door.

Of course, all this begs the question. 

How do you find these solution-hungry prospects? They're 'out there' somewhere, but where?

Clearly going out cold and knocking on doors isn't the way to go. It is just too inefficient. Far better to attract your prospect to you. 

Leaving aside the conventional electronic and printed media, industry magazines, profiled publications, rented direct mail or email lists ...

One of the most exciting ways to target your market today has to be Google AdWords combined with a 'landing page' ... a page on the internet that is solely dedicated to one offer/message. In this case, your 'packaged information' offer.

The sheer beauty of Google AdWords is that you can zero in your focus, and test your offer for a few pounds. That's how we promote our 'Recession Proofing' report. With AdWords that flag down people looking for solutions via Google.  

We have developed hundreds of Google AdWords campaigns for our clients ... and when combined with Packaged Information offers they typically produce a consistent, reliable and highly profitable source of new clients.

Bottom line, once you have the 'offer' to flag down your prospective marketplace, Google AdWords has to be top of your list for generating enquiries, but there are other ways you should test as well, such as...

Packaged Information is a proven winner. Time after time we see clients taking big leaps forward in their marketing and business with a Packaged Information strategy.

What about you? Is it time to bite the bullet and finally "do what works"?

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