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Never Underestimate the Power of a Compelling Offer, Well Told...

Good storytellers can hold people spellbound around a camp fire.

Good informative copy in an advertisement can do something even more amazing...

It can get a prospect “out there” in the market somewhere to stop what they’re doing, and do what you want them to do ... pick up the phone and call you, visit your website, cut out a coupon and fill it in, or make a commitment to visit your premises.

But you should never underestimate the challenge in getting someone to actually do something by “remote control”.

When you communicate through an ad, you can’t see them or touch them. You don’t know their needs, or their frame of mind. 

And even if they are in the market for what you offer, can you persuade them to come out of the comfort of their anonymity, to “put their hand up and identify themselves”?

It’s a tough challenge.

And that’s where most advertising fails. It’s also where the use of a good offer, well told, can be so powerful.

Let me share an example that makes the point. It’s from a colleague who works with an eminent laser eye surgeon.

In the past, this surgeon had advertised his practice with nice photos of eyes, and soft mood shots and a few lines of copy. With consistently poor results.

The new ad strategy took a very different tack.

It is copy intensive. It has a headline that draws the reader in, with the promise of ... yes, information! The sub-heading telegraphs the “offer” ... a free information session.

The body copy then paints a picture of the benefits of being free of glasses or contact lenses. But then it goes into the need to do proper research, to be informed. It even raises the questions that someone should ask who’s considering this procedure.

And it spells out what the prospect can expect at the free session...

The Information Session will help you to understand the conditions that may be causing your poor eyesight, and how these may be corrected, the qualification process, possible side effects, post operative care, and frank explanation of the results that you can expect ...”

An example of an ad with informative copy 

This is an extraordinarily good execution of “informative copy” in an ad. 

It takes the reader on a journey in their mind’s eye of what will take place, it's very frank about the realities and risks, and makes you want to know more ... without feeling you’re going to be “sold” anything.

Of course, the measure of how good an ad is in the outcomes it produces.

This ad worked brilliantly, filling the appointment books for the practice for weeks ahead.

From there, the sales process takes over, and the prospect is nurtured and kept “in the loop”, until they either decide laser eye surgery isn’t for them, or they’re ready to go ahead. 

How could you adapt this ad and this strategy for your business?

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