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How to Avoid Discounting

If you are tempted to succumb to pressure to drop your prices, or be more "flexible" in negotiating with clients, then take a look at the following tables before you make any decisions.

The results may well shock you.

The first table shows that discounting for many businesses can have a devastating impact on bottom line profits - often much more than we would ever believe. Even with seemingly modest reductions.

For example, the table below shows that a business with a 30% gross profit margin that implements a 10% price reduction (either through promotion or negotiation) needs to increase sales by a MASSIVE 50% just to stand still in terms of profit!

Price Table - Discounting

The implications are mind numbing.

Just to maintain today's profitability you and your people have to work 50% harder, you may need to drastically increase stock levels, your machinery and equipment have to handle 50% more output - and that's before you consider the potential negative hit on your cashflow.

And you make no more profit. In fact, if you 'only' achieve a 20%, 30% or 40% increase in sales you make less money.

What about putting your prices up? Crazy you think - especially now.

You can hear your sales people proteting already - you'll lose customers, you'll go out of business and your competitors will have a field day.

But consider this.

Again based on a 30% gross proft margin, if you put your prices up by 10%, you would have to do 20% less business before it affected your net profit.

Pricing Table - Increasing Prices

In other words, 20% of your clients could leave, or your revenue could drop by 20% and you'd actually be better off.

You'd be doing less work and making more money.

And you have to ask what are the chances that 20% of your clients would leave if you are doing a great job and providing excellent value.

The reality is that when we first work with new clients we discover that many undercharge.

And when they muster up enough courage o increase prices, most discover that they keep their clients and continue to win more new clients - because they give great service, excellent value and go that extra mile.

While for some businesses a price cut can result in enough new sales to increase profit, the truth is that for most businesses a price cut is a recipe for disaster.

These tables will help you make much smarter decisions and resist the temptation to make seemingly minor, but potentially crippling price cuts.

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